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Activated Carbon and HEPA filtration


Activated carbon is among the most effective materials known today for treating airborne chemicals, gases and odor. It's used widely by the military, hospitals, scientific and industrial facilities, and disaster response units for its safe and powerful adsorbing properties.


To be truly efficient, Activated Carbon filters need to provide enough dwell time for pollutants to be adsorbed. This means that larger, deeper bed carbon filters will adsorb more airborne pollutants.


HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and describes a filter that can remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles measuring 0.3 microns or larger. True HEPA filters are composed of a dense web of fibers, and are considered the safest and most efficient method to eliminate particles. |About the AllerAir SuperHEPA filter |


Cost Efficient Features


AllerAir units offer cost efficient features that allow you to maintain a higher quality of indoor air, without having to incur expensive upkeep and maintenance costs that are associated with many other air purifiers.


GREEN Features


AllerAir's Top 10 Green Features


  1. All our air purifiers have all-metal housing, not plastic, putting the environment first, while providing the cleanest, greenest indoor air quality
  2. None of our air purifiers emit ozone.
  3. We offer refillable carbon canisters.
  4. Our units consume very little energy and cost pennies a day to run; in fact, the cost to run our machines for a day is about the same cost as operating a 100 watt light bulb!
  5. None of our air purifiers contain Styrene/Styrofoam.
  6. Our air purifiers are powder-coated, not wet painted, and therefore are odorless.
  7. Organic, unbleached cotton pre-filters are available on our numeric series of air purifiers, as well as our MCS series.
  8. We use 100% virgin activated carbon - which is recyclable AND removes airborne gases, chemicals and VOC's that destroy our environment.
  9. Our packaging is made of recycled cardboard.
  10. Separate HEPA and carbon filters allow you to change filters at different intervals.


More Activated Carbon / Activated Charcoal


Unlike many of our competitors who use mere ounces of carbon or a carbon-sprayed mesh, we use pounds (and pounds!) of deep bed activated carbon to effectively adsorb dangerous airborne chemicals.


Plus, Optional, Customizable Features


Virus, Mold & Bacteria Protection

Customize your air purifier with a UV light to provide additional protection from viruses, mold and bacteria.


Activated Carbon Blend

Exec Blend: Our Exec carbon is our general-purpose blend, ideal for trapping a wide range of airborne chemicals, gases and odors.

Vocarb Blend: Our Vocarb carbon is our boosted blend, offering a more aggressive removal of hard-to-trap airborne chemicals, gases and odors. This blend is best suited for newly renovated environments, unknown contaminants and/or formaldehyde.

Custom Blend: Have an unusual IAQ problem? Let us customize the perfect carbon blend solution!custom blend activated charcoal activated carbon for your needs


Filter Depth

A unit’s filter depth is key to its adsorption capacity. Customize your unit with a 2.5” (regular), 3” (deep or “D”) or 3.5” (extra deep or “DX”) carbon bed filter to maximize its chemical-adsorption efficiency. Now available on our Ultra Series - 5" deep bed activated carbon filters.


International Voltage / Power / Plug

Available in both Voltage: 115/60Hz or 230/60Hz - 1.3A


* Specs / Prices subject to change without prior notice | Call to order your replacement filters

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