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Activated Carbon Charcoal Air Filtration System- Fumes Odors

Remove, reduce the offensive, bad odor in your home, office, business, work space, etc. with the help of an activated charcoal, activated carbon filter equipped air purifier, air cleaner, or air scrubber.


Whether you have to deal with pet odor,  cigarette or cigar smoke odor, cooking odors- fish, frying meat or steak, burnt food, paint fumes and new carpet fumes or odor after a recent home renovation, and other odor, chemical gas or fumes problem, we have an air purifier, air cleaner, air scrubber system with sufficient activated charcoal or activated carbon media to assist you in removal or reduction of the offensive nuisance.


Why Activated Carbon, Charcoal Filter based air filtration system, air cleaner, air scrubber?


The power of activated carbon.Activated Carbon Filter Canister


  • What it does and how it works
    Activated carbon is carbon that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. There are so many of these that one pound of activated carbon has a surface area of 60 to 150 acres
  • The technology used in military gas masks
    Activated carbon is the substance that keeps military personnel safe from poisonous gasses. It is also used for water filtration.
  • Adsorption
    Adsorption is the process where certain chemicals are attracted to activated carbon and then bond to it. The millions of pores in the activated carbon provide enormous surface area to trap these chemicals.
  • The bigger the filter, the more activated carbon, the more chemicals it adsorbs and the longer it keeps on working.An activated carbon filter acts like a sponge. When it is full it can adsorb no more. The more carbon you have the more you can adsorb before changing the filter. AllerAir activated carbon filters have pounds of this chemical adsorbing media and will last from 9 to 24 months. Most off the shelf air cleaners, air purifiers, have only a few token ounces of activated carbon sprayed on a mesh. It's not enough to have any useful long term effect.


Impregnated activated carbon


Catalysts can be added to activated carbon to enable it to attract non-carbon based chemicals. These special blends of activated carbon are available for AllerAir air cleaners, and air purifiers. Our air quality experts will recommend the right solution to any air contamination problem you encounter.


Activated carbon, combined with HEPA filtration, UV Light, is the only technology that can safely and economically clean your indoor air. It is the technology used in AllerAir air purifier, air cleaner, and air filtration products.


Tub O' Carbon - Air Purifier, Cleaner for small spaces - Use wherever odors may be a problem

Unlike baking soda that needs to be replaced often, Tub O Carbon can last up to a year


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