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Please Note : All units (without UV) are ARB certified for sale in the state of California.


HEPA filters will do a great job of capturing particles, but not the VOCs. To also remove formaldehyde and other VOCs, (chemical off-gassing) you will need an air purifier with additional technology. Air purifiers with plain activated carbon or granulated carbon are not as effective in removing VOCs.


Clean air is recognized as a vital component for overall comfort, workplace health and safety as well as productivity. According to research from leading organizations like the EPA, WHO and Health Canada, exposure to polluted air may lead to immediate and long-term health effects, including respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer.


Air Purifiers that Truly Clean


Not partially clean, but completely clean. That's why we believe that all indoor air purifiers need activated carbon in addition to high quality Super HEPA filters. Our air purifiers work to appease so many situations as they can be customized to your specific needs.


Other air cleaners focus on filtering out particles, but AllerAir air purifiers featuring activated carbon go one step further and protect you from the harmful chemicals, gases and odors present in every home and office.


| Applications | Why Allerair | Air Purifier Models - Series | Filtration Guarantee |


Complete Approach to Building Air Purifiers that Tackle All the Main Irritants Affecting Poor Indoor Air Quality:


Dust, pollen, pet dander, pet hair, dust mites, dangerous airborne chemicals, gases, fumes and annoying persistent odors like cigar and cigarette smoke and pet odors.


Unlike many of our competitors who use mere ounces of carbon or a carbon-sprayed mesh, we use pounds of deep bed activated carbon to effectively adsorb dangerous airborne chemicals.


Activated carbon is among the most effective materials known to man for removing airborne chemicals, gases and odor. It's used widely by hospitals, the military, scientific and industrial facilities, and disaster response units for its safe and powerful adsorbing properties. Carbon is also used in water filters, gas masks and medical treatments to counteract poison. It is the most effective filter media on the market to trap airborne chemicals, gases and odors. It can remove formaldehyde, traffic fumes, benzene, smoke as well as hundreds of other volatile organic compounds. The more carbon an air cleaner has, the more chemicals it will be able to adsorb.


Many air cleaners that claim to have carbon have such an insignificant amount of actual carbon within their units that it is rendered as ineffective as it would be had it had no carbon whatsoever.


Carbon is key for chemical adsorption. For serious chemical adsorption, only AllerAir air purifiers with pounds of granular carbon will be effective.


AllerAir Builds Air Cleaners that Target  Airborne Pollutants of Concern in the Environment


Backed by unparalleled expertise in air quality control and a superior filtration system, our focus is on deep-bed activated carbon filters for chemicals, gases and odors, as well as particle control for a complete air purification system that works. AllerAir is dedicated to explore R&D opportunities to serve our customers’ needs.


Why AllerAir is The Right Choice


More than any other company, AllerAir is driven to provide you with the most efficient air cleaning solution that will treat the widest range of pollutants. We are the best at what we do and here’s why:


A Deeper Carbon Filter Means Cleaner Air


Very few air cleaners actually target the full range of pollutants we breathe every day. That’s why AllerAir air purifiers combine efficient particle filtration with an activated carbon filter that removes airborne chemicals, gases and odors. In fact we offer the deepest carbon filters, of any leading company, anywhere. A deeper bed of carbon filer means cleaner air and in most cases, fewer filter changes.


Reinventing the HEPA Filter - Super HEPA


High efficiency particulate air filters or HEPA filters have essentially not changed in 50 years. While effective at trapping particles, they remain a fragile mass of fibers with a glue-like bonding agent, caged in metal to protect it from damage. We knew there had to something better. So AllerAir pioneered the use of Super HEPA. Our exclusive particle filter captures 99.99% of airborne particles and contains no bonding agents. It’s safe and easy to handle, can’t be damaged in transport and is safe for people sensitive to chemicals and odors. This exceptional filter is only available from AllerAir.


Customized Filters and More Options


As experts in activated carbon filtration, we have sourced over 40 blends of carbon to better treat common and complex airborne chemicals, gases and odors. We also offer a full range of options including UV germicidal filtration, special filters for tobacco and smoke and a full range of special order colors.



Better Units Built to Meet Your at the Best Value for Your Money


As the manufacturer, AllerAir have cultivated relationships with suppliers that allow them to buy the best materials and parts at the best possible price. We pass those savings on to you. Manufactured exclusively in North America, we supply over 500 model configurations to give you exactly what you need at a great price.


| Applications | Why Allerair | Air Purifier Models - Series | Filtration Guarantee |

Air Purifiers for Your Home, Office, Small Commercial Spaces, Car, Auto, Travel

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