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Welding Fume Extractor

About Our Activated Carbon + HEPA Filtration System


Activated carbon is widely recognized as the safest, most effective way to treat odors and chemicals, while HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) filters are the gold standard for removing particles. Together they provide the most complete and versatile air cleaning system available.


About "Activated" Carbon


Carbon that is 'activated' undergoes a process that opens up millions of tiny pores and fissures to enhance the material's adsorbent properties. The process creates a very large internal surface area, which is key to the power of activated carbon - the more surface area - the more the carbon can adsorb. Only one pound of activated carbon typically has a surface area of 125 acres. Activated carbon is so effective that it's used in military gas masks.


About HEPA Filters


HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air filter and describes a filter that can remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in diameter. Particles of this size are used to evaluate the performance of a filter because they are among the most difficult to remove. However, particles that are larger or smaller than 0.3 microns can be filtered with even greater efficiency due to the nature of the filter’s design. True HEPA filters are composed of a dense web of fibers designed to trap particles. This type of filter was first used in the 1940’s to trap radioactive contaminants in the air and protect scientists who were developing the first nuclear weapons. Today, HEPA is considered the safest and most efficient method to treat airborne particles.

Fume Extractor LD 450 - Light Duty, Intermittent Welding

Light Duty, Intermittent Welding


  • 40 lb. refillable carbon canister
  • 2” HEPA; 2” pre-filter
  • 1” stainless steel spark arrestor
  • 400 SFM; 115V; 60 Hz
  • Option: Available in 230V
  • 4” X 6’ articulated flex arm
  • 2“ nylon wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Welding and grinding dust tray
  • Dimensions: 22.5” X 16” X 29”; Weight: Approximately 176 lbs.
  • Amps: 1.85 at 115


Ideal for:


  • Tig and arc welding operations
  • Soldering
  • Light manufacturing
  • Light plastic welding

Fume Extractor LD 450

$3950.98 USD (Arm included)

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