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Volcanic Smog VOG Removal

Volcanic Smog VOG Removal

Volcanic Smog (VOG) Air Purifiers


AllerAir’s air purifiers for VOG remove the dangerous airborne chemicals, gases, particles and toxic metals associated with volcanic smog. These specially designed air cleaners feature a custom blend of deep-bed activated carbon for the enhanced adsorption of toxic VOG pollutants, as well as medical-grade filtration for fine particles. Currently in use in Hawaii for air quality problems associated with VOG and the Kilauea volcano.


So, What is VOG exactly ?


Volcanic smog or VOG is formed when sulfur dioxide and other pollutants from an active volcano react with oxygen, moisture, dust and sunlight. This creates a dangerous mix of airborne pollutants that can penetrate deep into the lungs and irritate the tissues and mucus membranes of the eyes, nose and throat. The long-term effects of breathing in volcanic smog are unknown.


AllerAir VOG Air Filtration Systems :

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